Interface EventEngineContributions

    • Method Detail

      • findEventType

        <T> EventType<T> findEventType​(String name)
        Return the EventType by name, if one
      • contributeEventType

        <T> EventType<T> contributeEventType​(String name,
                                             Class<T> listenerRole)
        Register a custom event type.
        API Note:
        We except the "raw" state rather than an `EventType` instance to account for the `EventType#ordinal` property. All registered types must be contiguous, so we handle the ordinality behind the scenes
      • contributeEventType

        <T> EventType<T> contributeEventType​(String name,
                                             Class<T> listenerRole,
                                             T... defaultListener)
        Register a custom event type with a default listener.
      • configureListeners

        <T> void configureListeners​(EventType<T> eventType,
                                    Consumer<EventListenerGroup<T>> action)
        Perform an action against the listener group for the specified event-type