Interface UUIDGenerationStrategy

    • Method Detail

      • getGeneratedVersion

        int getGeneratedVersion()
        Which variant, according to IETF RFC 4122, of UUID does this strategy generate? RFC 4122 defines 5 variants (though it only describes algorithms to generate 4):
        • 1 = time based
        • 2 = DCE based using POSIX UIDs
        • 3 = name based (md5 hash)
        • 4 = random numbers based
        • 5 = name based (sha-1 hash)

        Returning the values above should be reserved to those generators creating variants compliant with the corresponding RFC definition; others can feel free to return other values as they see fit.

        Informational only, and not used at this time.

        The supported generation version
      • generateUUID

        UUID generateUUID​(SharedSessionContractImplementor session)
        Generate the UUID.
        session - The session asking for the generation
        The generated UUID.