Class AnnotationMetaEntity

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    ImportContext, Metamodel

    public class AnnotationMetaEntity
    extends AnnotationMeta
    Class used to collect meta information about an annotated type (entity, embeddable or mapped superclass). Also repurposed for any type with "auxiliary" annotations like @NamedQuery, @FetchProfile, @Find, or @HQL. We do not distinguish these two kinds of thing, since an entity class may @NamedQuery or @FetchProfile annotations. Entities may not, however, have methods annotated @Find or @HQL, since entity classes are usually concrete classes.
    • Constructor Detail

      • AnnotationMetaEntity

        public AnnotationMetaEntity​(TypeElement element,
                                    Context context,
                                    boolean managed)
    • Method Detail

      • getMemberType

        public @Nullable String getMemberType​(String entityType,
                                              String memberName)
      • getContext

        public final Context getContext()
      • isImplementation

        public boolean isImplementation()
      • getSimpleName

        public final String getSimpleName()
      • getQualifiedName

        public final String getQualifiedName()
      • getPackageName

        public final String getPackageName()
      • isMetaComplete

        public boolean isMetaComplete()
      • mergeInMembers

        public void mergeInMembers​(Metamodel other)
      • generateImports

        public final String generateImports()
      • importType

        public final String importType​(String fqcn)
        Description copied from interface: ImportContext
        Add fqcn to the import list. Returns fqcn as needed in source code. Attempts to handle fqcn with array and generics references.

        e.g. java.util.Collection<org.marvel.Hulk> imports java.util.Collection and returns Collection org.marvel.Hulk[] imports org.marvel.Hulk and returns Hulk

        fqcn - Fully qualified class name of the type to import.
        import string
      • isInjectable

        public boolean isInjectable()
      • init

        protected final void init()