Interface SchemaManager

    • Method Detail

      • exportMappedObjects

        void exportMappedObjects​(boolean createSchemas)
        Export database objects mapped by Hibernate entities.

        Programmatic way to run SchemaCreator.

        createSchemas - if true, attempt to create schemas, otherwise, assume the schemas already exist
      • dropMappedObjects

        void dropMappedObjects​(boolean dropSchemas)
        Drop database objects mapped by Hibernate entities, undoing the previous export.

        Programmatic way to run SchemaDropper.

        dropSchemas - if true, drop schemas, otherwise, leave them be
      • validateMappedObjects

        void validateMappedObjects()
        Validate that the database objects mapped by Hibernate entities have the expected definitions.

        Programmatic way to run SchemaValidator.

      • truncateMappedObjects

        void truncateMappedObjects()
        Truncate the database tables mapped by Hibernate entities, and then re-import initial data from any configured load script.

        Programmatic way to run SchemaTruncator.