Class TableMapping.MutationDetails

  • Enclosing interface:

    public static class TableMapping.MutationDetails
    extends Object
    Details for the mutation of a table
    • Constructor Detail

      • MutationDetails

        public MutationDetails​(MutationType mutationType,
                               Expectation expectation,
                               String customSql,
                               boolean callable,
                               boolean dynamicMutation)
    • Method Detail

      • getMutationType

        public MutationType getMutationType()
        The type of mutation being detailed
      • getExpectation

        public Expectation getExpectation()
        The expectation for this mutation
      • getCustomSql

        public String getCustomSql()
        Custom, application-provided SQL for this mutation (if one). Will return null if no custom SQL was provided indicating Hibernate will generate the SQL based on the mapping
      • isCallable

        public boolean isCallable()
        Whether custom SQL should be treated as callable (function / procedure)
      • isDynamicMutation

        public boolean isDynamicMutation()