Interface SessionFactoryBuilderFactory

  • @JavaServiceLoadable
    public interface SessionFactoryBuilderFactory
    An extension point for integrators that wish to hook into the process of how a SessionFactory is built. Intended as a "discoverable service" (ServiceLoader). There can be at most one implementation discovered that returns a non-null SessionFactoryBuilder.
    • Method Detail

      • getSessionFactoryBuilder

        SessionFactoryBuilder getSessionFactoryBuilder​(MetadataImplementor metadata,
                                                       SessionFactoryBuilderImplementor defaultBuilder)
        The contract method. Return the SessionFactoryBuilder. May return null
        metadata - The metadata from which we will be building a SessionFactory.
        defaultBuilder - The default SessionFactoryBuilder instance. If the SessionFactoryBuilder being built here needs to use this passed SessionFactoryBuilder instance, it is the responsibility of the built SessionFactoryBuilder impl to delegate configuration calls to the passed default impl.
        The SessionFactoryBuilder, or null