Class Collections

  • public final class Collections
    extends Object
    Implements book-keeping for the collection persistence by reachability algorithm
    • Method Detail

      • processUnreachableCollection

        public static void processUnreachableCollection​(PersistentCollection<?> coll,
                                                        SessionImplementor session)
        record the fact that this collection was dereferenced
        coll - The collection to be updated by un-reachability.
        session - The session
      • processReachableCollection

        public static void processReachableCollection​(PersistentCollection<?> collection,
                                                      CollectionType type,
                                                      Object entity,
                                                      SessionImplementor session)
        Initialize the role of the collection.
        collection - The collection to be updated by reachability.
        type - The type of the collection.
        entity - The owner of the collection.
        session - The session from which this request originates