Interface JdbcOperationQueryAnonBlock

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    JdbcOperation, JdbcOperationQuery
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    public interface JdbcOperationQueryAnonBlock
    extends JdbcOperationQuery
    An anonymous call block (sometimes called an anonymous procedure) to be executed on the database. The format of this various by database, but it is essentially an unnamed procedure without OUT, INOUT or REF_CURSOR type parameters
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      • getJdbcValuesMappingProducer

        JdbcValuesMappingProducer getJdbcValuesMappingProducer()
        Retrieve the "result set mappings" for processing any ResultSets returned from the JDBC call. We expose multiple because JPA allows for an application to define multiple such mappings which are (unclearly) intended to describe the mapping for each ResultSet (in order) returned from the call.