Class LocalTransactionStatistics

  • public class LocalTransactionStatistics
    extends TransactionStatistics
    Represents the statistics collected for a local transaction
    Roberto Palmieri, Sebastiano Peluso, Diego Didona, Pedro Ruivo
    • Constructor Detail

      • LocalTransactionStatistics

        public LocalTransactionStatistics​(boolean optimisticLockingScheme,
                                          TimeService timeService)
    • Method Detail

      • isLocalTransaction

        public final boolean isLocalTransaction()
        Specified by:
        isLocalTransaction in class TransactionStatistics
        true if this transaction statistics is for a local transaction.
      • terminate

        protected final void terminate()
        Description copied from class: TransactionStatistics
        Signals this transaction as completed and updates the statistics to the final values ready to be merged in the cache statistics. This method is abstract in order to be override for the local and the remote transactions.
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        terminate in class TransactionStatistics