Class SerializeWithExtFactory

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    public class SerializeWithExtFactory
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements org.jboss.marshalling.ClassExternalizerFactory
    JBoss Marshalling plugin class for ClassExternalizerFactory that allows for Infinispan annotations to be used instead of JBoss Marshalling ones in order to discover which classes are serializable with Infinispan externalizers.
    Galder ZamarreƱo
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      org.jboss.marshalling.Externalizer getExternalizer​(java.lang.Class<?> type)  
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      • SerializeWithExtFactory

        public SerializeWithExtFactory()
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      • getExternalizer

        public org.jboss.marshalling.Externalizer getExternalizer​(java.lang.Class<?> type)
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        getExternalizer in interface org.jboss.marshalling.ClassExternalizerFactory