Interface RemoteStoreConfigurationChildBuilder<S>

    • Method Detail

      • asyncExecutorFactory

        ExecutorFactoryConfigurationBuilder asyncExecutorFactory()
        Configuration for the executor service used for asynchronous work on the Transport, including asynchronous marshalling and Cache 'async operations' such as Cache.putAsync().
      • balancingStrategy

        RemoteStoreConfigurationBuilder balancingStrategy​(java.lang.String balancingStrategy)
        For replicated (vs distributed) Hot Rod server clusters, the client balances requests to the servers according to this strategy.
      • connectionTimeout

        RemoteStoreConfigurationBuilder connectionTimeout​(long connectionTimeout)
        This property defines the maximum socket connect timeout before giving up connecting to the server.
      • forceReturnValues

        RemoteStoreConfigurationBuilder forceReturnValues​(boolean forceReturnValues)
        Whether or not to implicitly FORCE_RETURN_VALUE for all calls.
      • hotRodWrapping

        RemoteStoreConfigurationBuilder hotRodWrapping​(boolean hotRodWrapping)
        Configures this RemoteStore so that it enables all settings needed to create entries to be served by a HotRod endpoint, for example when performing rolling upgrades.
      • keySizeEstimate

        RemoteStoreConfigurationBuilder keySizeEstimate​(int keySizeEstimate)
        The class name of the driver used for connecting to the database.
      • remoteCacheName

        RemoteStoreConfigurationBuilder remoteCacheName​(java.lang.String remoteCacheName)
        The name of the remote cache in the remote infinispan cluster, to which to connect to. If unspecified, the default cache will be used
      • socketTimeout

        RemoteStoreConfigurationBuilder socketTimeout​(long socketTimeout)
        This property defines the maximum socket read timeout in milliseconds before giving up waiting for bytes from the server. Defaults to 60000 (1 minute)
      • transportFactory

        RemoteStoreConfigurationBuilder transportFactory​(java.lang.String transportFactory)
        since 10.0. This method has no effect
        Controls which transport to use. Currently only the TcpTransport is supported.
      • transportFactory

        RemoteStoreConfigurationBuilder transportFactory​(java.lang.Class<? extends org.infinispan.client.hotrod.impl.transport.netty.ChannelFactory> transportFactory)
        since 10.0. This method has no effect
        Controls which transport to use. Currently only the TcpTransport is supported.
      • valueSizeEstimate

        RemoteStoreConfigurationBuilder valueSizeEstimate​(int valueSizeEstimate)
        This hint allows sizing of byte buffers when serializing and deserializing values, to minimize array resizing.