Interface InitializationContext

    • Method Detail

      • getCache

        Cache getCache()
      • getKeyPartitioner

        KeyPartitioner getKeyPartitioner()
        The configured partitioner that can be used to determine which segment a given key belongs to. This is useful when a store is segmented (ie. implements SegmentedAdvancedLoadWriteStore).
        partitioner that can provide what segment a key maps to
      • getMarshaller

        StreamingMarshaller getMarshaller()
        Returns a wrapped version of getPersistenceMarshaller(), which delegates all ObjectOutput and ObjectInput calls to the underlying marshaller. Note, calls to DataInput.readLine() on the returned ObjectInput instance will throw a UnsupportedOperationException.
      • getExecutor

        java.util.concurrent.ExecutorService getExecutor()
        Returns the preferred executor to be used by stores if needed. Stores normally shouldn't need this unless they *must* perform some blocking code asynchronously.
        the executor to be used with stores
      • getPersistenceMarshaller

        PersistenceMarshaller getPersistenceMarshaller()
        Returns the persistence marshaller which should be used to marshall/unmarshall all stored bytes.
      • getGlobalConfiguration

        GlobalConfiguration getGlobalConfiguration()
        Returns the global configuration