Interface SearchManagerImplementor

    • Method Detail

      • registerKeyTransformer

        void registerKeyTransformer​(java.lang.Class<?> keyClass,
                                    java.lang.Class<? extends Transformer> transformerClass)
        since 10.0
        Registers a Transformer for the supplied key class. When storing keys in cache that are neither simple (String, int, ...) nor annotated with @Transformable, Infinispan-Query will need to know what Transformer to use when transforming the keys to Strings. Clients must specify what Transformer to use for a particular key class by registering it through this method.

        WARNING: this method registers the transformer on the local node only (see and its usage is not recommended. Please configure transformers using the configuration API instead or the Transformable annotation.

        keyClass - the key class for which the supplied transformerClass should be used
        transformerClass - the transformer class to use for the supplied key class
      • setTimeoutExceptionFactory

        void setTimeoutExceptionFactory​( timeoutExceptionFactory)
        Define the timeout exception factory to customize the exception thrown when the query timeout is exceeded.
        timeoutExceptionFactory - the timeout exception factory to use
      • getQuery

        <E> CacheQuery<E> getQuery​(org.infinispan.query.impl.QueryDefinition queryDefinition,
                                   IndexedQueryMode indexedQueryMode,
                         <> indexedTypeMap)
        Creates a cache query based on a QueryDefinition and a custom metadata.