Class RecoveryAdminOperations

  • public class RecoveryAdminOperations
    extends java.lang.Object
    Admin utility class for allowing management of in-doubt transactions (e.g. transactions for which the originator node crashed after prepare).
    Mircea Markus
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      java.lang.String forceCommit​(int formatId, byte[] globalTxId, byte[] branchQualifier)  
      java.lang.String forceCommit​(long internalId)  
      java.lang.String forceRollback​(int formatId, byte[] globalTxId, byte[] branchQualifier)  
      java.lang.String forceRollback​(long internalId)  
      java.lang.String forget​(int formatId, byte[] globalTxId, byte[] branchQualifier)  
      java.lang.String forget​(long internalId)  
      java.lang.String showInDoubtTransactions()  
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    • Constructor Detail

      • RecoveryAdminOperations

        public RecoveryAdminOperations()
    • Method Detail

      • showInDoubtTransactions

        public java.lang.String showInDoubtTransactions()
      • forceCommit

        public java.lang.String forceCommit​(long internalId)
      • forceCommit

        public java.lang.String forceCommit​(int formatId,
                                            byte[] globalTxId,
                                            byte[] branchQualifier)
      • forceRollback

        public java.lang.String forceRollback​(long internalId)
      • forceRollback

        public java.lang.String forceRollback​(int formatId,
                                              byte[] globalTxId,
                                              byte[] branchQualifier)
      • forget

        public java.lang.String forget​(int formatId,
                                       byte[] globalTxId,
                                       byte[] branchQualifier)
      • forget

        public java.lang.String forget​(long internalId)