Interface RecoveryManager

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    public interface RecoveryManager
    RecoveryManager is the component responsible with managing recovery related information and the functionality associated with it. Refer to this document for details on the design of recovery.
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      • getPreparedTransactionsFromCluster

        RecoveryManager.RecoveryIterator getPreparedTransactionsFromCluster()
        Returns the list of transactions in prepared state from both local and remote cluster nodes. Implementation can take advantage of several optimisations:
        • in order to get all tx from the cluster a broadcast is performed. This can be performed only once (assuming the call is successful), the first time this method is called. After that a local, cached list of tx prepared on this node is returned.
        • during the broadcast just return the list of prepared transactions that are not originated on other active nodes of the cluster.
      • getInDoubtTransactionInfoFromCluster

        java.util.Set<RecoveryManager.InDoubtTxInfo> getInDoubtTransactionInfoFromCluster()
        Returns a Set containing all the in-doubt transactions from the cluster, including the local node. This does not include transactions that are prepared successfully and for which the originator is still in the cluster.
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      • removeRecoveryInformation

        void removeRecoveryInformation​(java.util.Collection<Address> where,
                                       javax.transaction.xa.Xid xid,
                                       boolean sync,
                                       GlobalTransaction gtx,
                                       boolean fromCluster)
        Removes from the specified nodes (or all nodes if the value of 'where' is null) the recovery information associated with these Xids.
        skipTxCompletionCommand - true if it must skip the TxCompletionNotificationCommand. Used when a partition happens.
        where - on which nodes should this be executed.
        xid - the list of xids to be removed.
        sync - execute sync or async (false)
        gtx - the global transaction
        fromCluster -
      • getInDoubtTransactions

        java.util.List<javax.transaction.xa.Xid> getInDoubtTransactions()
        Local call that returns a list containing:
         - all the remote transactions prepared on this node for which the originator(i.e. the node where the tx
         stared) is no longer part of the cluster.
         - all the locally originated transactions which are prepared and for which the commit failed
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      • getPreparedTransaction

        RecoveryAwareTransaction getPreparedTransaction​(javax.transaction.xa.Xid xid)
        Local call returning the remote transaction identified by the supplied xid or null.
      • forceTransactionCompletion

        java.lang.String forceTransactionCompletion​(javax.transaction.xa.Xid xid,
                                                    boolean commit)
        Replays the given transaction by re-running the prepare and commit. This call expects the transaction to exist on this node either as a local or remote transaction.
        xid - tx to commit or rollback
        commit - if true tx is committed, if false it is rolled back
      • isTransactionPrepared

        boolean isTransactionPrepared​(GlobalTransaction globalTx)
        Checks both internal state and transaction table's state for the given tx. If it finds it, returns true if tx is prepared.
      • removeRecoveryInformation

        RecoveryAwareTransaction removeRecoveryInformation​(javax.transaction.xa.Xid xid)
        Remove recovery information stored on this node (doesn't involve rpc).
        xid -
        See Also:
        #removeRecoveryInformation(java.util.Collection, javax.transaction.xa.Xid, boolean)