Class IllegalLifecycleStateException

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    public class IllegalLifecycleStateException
    extends CacheException
    This exception is thrown when the cache or cache manager does not have the right lifecycle state for operations to be called on it. Situations like this include when the cache is stopping or is stopped, when the cache manager is stopped...etc.
    10.1 (prior was in org.infinispan package since 7.0)
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    • Constructor Detail

      • IllegalLifecycleStateException

        public IllegalLifecycleStateException()
      • IllegalLifecycleStateException

        public IllegalLifecycleStateException​(String s)
      • IllegalLifecycleStateException

        public IllegalLifecycleStateException​(String message,
                                              Throwable cause)
      • IllegalLifecycleStateException

        public IllegalLifecycleStateException​(Throwable cause)