Interface BasicCacheContainer

    • Method Detail

      • getCache

        <K,​V> BasicCache<K,​V> getCache()
        Retrieves the default cache associated with this cache container.

        the default cache.
        CacheConfigurationException - if a default cache does not exist.
      • getCache

        <K,​V> BasicCache<K,​V> getCache​(String cacheName)
        Retrieves a cache by name.

        If the cache has been previously created with the same name, the running cache instance is returned. Otherwise, this method attempts to create the cache first.

        cacheName - name of cache to retrieve
        a cache instance identified by cacheName
      • getCacheNames

        Set<String> getCacheNames()
        This method returns a collection of all cache names.

        The configurations may have been defined via XML, in the programmatic configuration, or at runtime.

        Internal-only caches are not included.

        an immutable set of cache names registered in this cache manager.