Annotation Type PersistenceAvailabilityChanged

  • @Retention(RUNTIME)
    public @interface PersistenceAvailabilityChanged
    Use this annotation on methods that require notification when the availability of the PersistenceManager changes. When Cache stores are configured, but the connection to at least one store is lost, the PersistenceManager becomes unavailable. As a result, StoreUnavailableException is thrown on all read/write operations that require the PersistenceManager until all stores become available again.

    Methods that use this annotation should be public and take one parameter, CacheEntryActivatedEvent. Otherwise IncorrectListenerException is thrown when registering your cache listener. Locking: notification is performed WITH locks on the given key.

    If the listener throws any exceptions, the call aborts. No other listeners are called. Any transactions in progress are rolled back.

    Ryan Emerson
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