Package org.infinispan.client.hotrod.configuration

Hot Rod client configuration API.

It is possible to configure the RemoteCacheManager either programmatically, using a URI or by constructing a Configuration using a ConfigurationBuilder or declaratively, by placing a properties file named in the classpath.

A Hot Rod URI follows the following format: hotrod[s]://[user[:password]@]host[:port][,host2[:port]][?property=value[&property2=value2]]

  • hotrod or hotrods specifies whether to use a plain connection or TLS/SSL encryption.
  • user and password optionally specify authentication credentials.
  • host and port comma-separated list of one or more servers.
  • property and value one or more ampersand-separated (&) property name/value pairs. The property name must omit the infinispan.client.hotrod prefix.

The following table describes the individual properties and the related programmatic configuration API.

* * * * *
Name Type Default Description
Connection properties
infinispan.client.hotrod.uri String N/A Configures the client via a URI
infinispan.client.hotrod.server_list String N/A Adds a list of remote servers in the form: host1[:port][;host2[:port]]...
infinispan.client.hotrod.tcp_no_delay Boolean true Enables/disables the TCP_NO_DELAY flag
infinispan.client.hotrod.tcp_keep_alive Boolean false Enables/disables the TCP_KEEPALIVE flag
infinispan.client.hotrod.client_intelligence String HASH_DISTRIBUTION_AWARE The ClientIntelligence
infinispan.client.hotrod.request_balancing_strategy String (class name) RoundRobinBalancingStrategy The FailoverRequestBalancingStrategy
infinispan.client.hotrod.socket_timeout Integer 60000 The timeout for socket read/writes
infinispan.client.hotrod.connect_timeout Integer 60000 The timeout for connections
infinispan.client.hotrod.max_retries Integer 10 The maximum number of operation retries
infinispan.client.hotrod.batch_size Integer 10000 The size of a batches when iterating
infinispan.client.hotrod.protocol_version String The highest version supported by the client in use The Hot Rod version.
infinispan.client.hotrod.transport_factory String DefaultTransportFactory Specifies the transport factory to use.
Connection pool properties
infinispan.client.hotrod.connection_pool.max_active Integer -1 (no limit) Maximum number of connections per server
infinispan.client.hotrod.connection_pool.exhausted_action String WAIT Specifies what happens when asking for a connection from a server's pool, and that pool is exhausted.
infinispan.client.hotrod.connection_pool.max_wait Long -1 (no limit) Time to wait in milliseconds for a connection to become available when exhausted_action is WAIT
infinispan.client.hotrod.connection_pool.min_idle Integer -1 (no limit) Minimum number of idle connections (per server) that should always be available
infinispan.client.hotrod.connection_pool.min_evictable_idle_time Integer -1 (no limit) Minimum amount of time that an connection may sit idle in the pool
infinispan.client.hotrod.connection_pool.max_pending_requests Integer -1 (no limit) Specifies maximum number of requests sent over single connection at one instant.
Thread pool properties
infinispan.client.hotrod.async_executor_factory String (class name) DefaultAsyncExecutorFactory The factory for creating threads
infinispan.client.hotrod.default_executor_factory.pool_size Integer 99 Size of the thread pool
infinispan.client.hotrod.default_executor_factory.threadname_prefix String HotRod-client-async-pool Prefix for the default executor thread names
infinispan.client.hotrod.default_executor_factory.threadname_suffix String (empty) Suffix for the default executor thread names
Marshalling properties
infinispan.client.hotrod.marshaller String (class name) GenericJBossMarshaller if the infinispan-jboss-marshalling module is present on the classpath, otherwise ProtoStreamMarshaller is used The marshaller that serializes keys and values
infinispan.client.hotrod.key_size_estimate Integer 64 The estimated size of keys in bytes when marshalled.
infinispan.client.hotrod.value_size_estimate Integer 512 The estimated size of values in bytes when marshalled.
infinispan.client.hotrod.force_return_values Boolean false Whether to return values for puts/removes
infinispan.client.hotrod.java_serial_allowlist String N/A A class allowList which are trusted for unmarshalling.
infinispan.client.hotrod.hash_function_impl.2 String ConsistentHashV2 The hash function to use.
infinispan.client.hotrod.context-initializers String (class names) (empty) A list of SerializationContextInitializer implementation
Encryption (TLS/SSL) properties
infinispan.client.hotrod.use_ssl Boolean false Enable TLS (implicitly enabled if a trust store is set)
infinispan.client.hotrod.key_store_file_name String N/A The filename of a keystore to use when using client certificate authentication.
infinispan.client.hotrod.key_store_type String JKS The keystore type
infinispan.client.hotrod.key_store_password String N/A The keystore password
infinispan.client.hotrod.key_alias String N/A The alias of the
infinispan.client.hotrod.key_store_certificate_password String N/A The certificate password in the keystore.
infinispan.client.hotrod.trust_store_file_name String N/A The path of the trust store.
infinispan.client.hotrod.trust_store_type String JKS The type of the trust store. Valid values are JKS, JCEKS, PCKS12 and PEM
infinispan.client.hotrod.trust_store_password String N/A The password of the trust store.
infinispan.client.hotrod.sni_host_name String N/A The SNI hostname to connect to.
infinispan.client.hotrod.ssl_ciphers String N/A A list of ciphers, separated with spaces and in order of preference, that are used during the SSL handshake to negotiate a cryptographic algorithm for key encrytion. By default, the SSL protocol (e.g. TLSv1.2) determines which ciphers to use. You should customize the cipher list with caution to avoid vulnerabilities from weak algorithms. For details about cipher lists and possible values, refer to OpenSSL documentation at
infinispan.client.hotrod.ssl_protocol String N/A The SSL protocol to use (e.g. TLSv1.2).
infinispan.client.hotrod.ssl_provider String N/A The security provider to use when creating the SSL engine. If left unspecified, it will attempt to use the openssl for the high-performance native implementation, otherwise the internal JDK will be used.
Authentication properties
infinispan.client.hotrod.use_auth Boolean Implicitly enabled by other authentication properties Enable authentication.
infinispan.client.hotrod.sasl_mechanism String
if username and password are set
EXTERNAL if a trust store is set
The SASL mechanism to use for authentication.
infinispan.client.hotrod.auth_callback_handler String Chosen automatically based on selected SASL mech The CallbackHandler to use for providing credentials for authentication.
infinispan.client.hotrod.auth_server_name String N/A The server name to use (for Kerberos).
infinispan.client.hotrod.auth_username String N/A The username
infinispan.client.hotrod.auth_password String N/A The password
infinispan.client.hotrod.auth_tokenStringN/AThe OAuth token
infinispan.client.hotrod.auth_realm String ApplicationRealm The realm (for DIGEST-MD5 authentication).
infinispan.client.hotrod.sasl_properties.* String N/A A SASL property (mech-specific)
Transaction properties
infinispan.client.hotrod.transaction.transaction_manager_lookup String (class name) GenericTransactionManagerLookup [Deprecated] A class to lookup available transaction managers.
infinispan.client.hotrod.transaction.transaction_mode String (TransactionMode enum name) NONE [Deprecated] The default transaction mode
infinispan.client.hotrod.transaction.timeout long 60000L The TransactionConfigurationBuilder.timeout(long, java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit) timeout.
Near cache properties
infinispan.client.hotrod.near_cache.mode String (NearCacheMode enum name) DISABLED The default near-cache mode. It is preferable to use the per-cache configuration.
infinispan.client.hotrod.near_cache.max_entries Integer -1 (no limit) The maximum number of entries to keep in the local cache. It is preferable to use the per-cache configuration.
infinispan.client.hotrod.near_cache.name_pattern String (regex pattern, see Pattern) null (matches all cache names) A regex which matches caches for which near-caching should be enabled. This property is deprecated and it is preferable to use the per-cache configuration.
XSite properties
infinispan.client.hotrod.cluster.SITE String HOST and int PORT configuration Example for siteA and siteB:
infinispan.client.hotrod.cluster.siteA=hostA1:11222; hostA2:11223`
infinispan.client.hotrod.cluster.siteB=hostB1:11222; hostB2:11223`
Relates to AbstractConfigurationChildBuilder.addCluster(java.lang.String) and ClusterConfigurationBuilder.addClusterNode(java.lang.String, int)
Statistics properties
infinispan.client.hotrod.statistics Boolean Default value StatisticsConfiguration.ENABLED Relates to StatisticsConfigurationBuilder.enabled(boolean)
infinispan.client.hotrod.jmx Boolean Default value StatisticsConfiguration.JMX_ENABLED Relates to StatisticsConfigurationBuilder.jmxEnabled(boolean)
infinispan.client.hotrod.jmx_name String Default value StatisticsConfiguration.JMX_NAME Relates to StatisticsConfigurationBuilder.jmxName(java.lang.String)
infinispan.client.hotrod.jmx_domain String Default value StatisticsConfiguration.JMX_DOMAIN Relates to StatisticsConfigurationBuilder.jmxDomain(java.lang.String)
Per-cache properties
In per-cache configuration properties, you can use wildcards with cachename, for example: cache-*.
If cache names include the '.' character you must enclose the cache name in square brackets, for example: [example.MyConfig].
infinispan.client.hotrod.cache.cachename.configuration XML N/A Provides a cache configuration, in XML format, to use when clients request caches that do not exist.
infinispan.client.hotrod.cache.cachename.configuration_uri XML N/A Provides a URI to a cache configuration, in XML format, to use when clients request caches that do not exist.
infinispan.client.hotrod.cache.cachename.template_name String N/A Names a cache template to use when clients request caches that do not exist. The cache template must be available on the server.
infinispan.client.hotrod.cache.cachename.near_cache.mode String (NearCacheMode enum name) DISABLED The near-cache RemoteCacheConfigurationBuilder.nearCacheMode(org.infinispan.client.hotrod.configuration.NearCacheMode) (NearCacheMode) mode} for this cache
infinispan.client.hotrod.cache.cachename.near_cache.max_entries Integer -1 (no limit) The maximum number of entries to keep locally for the specified cache.
infinispan.client.hotrod.cache.cachename.force_return_values Boolean false Whether to return values for puts/removes for the specified cache.
infinispan.client.hotrod.cache.cachename.transaction.transaction_mode String (TransactionMode enum name) NONE The default transaction mode for the specified cache.
infinispan.client.hotrod.cache.cachename.transaction.transaction_manager_lookup String (class name) GenericTransactionManagerLookup The TransactionManagerLookup for the specified cache.
infinispan.client.hotrod.cache.cachename.marshaller String (class name) ProtoStreamMarshaller unless another marshaller is used. The marshaller that serializes keys and values for the specified cache.
Public API