Interface InitializationContext

    • Method Detail

      • getCache

        Cache getCache()
      • getKeyPartitioner

        KeyPartitioner getKeyPartitioner()
        The configured partitioner that can be used to determine which segment a given key belongs to. This is useful when a store is segmented (ie. implements SegmentedAdvancedLoadWriteStore).
        partitioner that can provide what segment a key maps to
      • getTimeService

        org.infinispan.commons.time.TimeService getTimeService()
      • getExecutor

        ExecutorService getExecutor()
        since 11.0 - Please use getBlockingManager() ()} or getNonBlockingExecutor() instead
        Returns the preferred executor to be used by stores if needed. Stores normally shouldn't need this unless they *must* perform some blocking code asynchronously.
        the executor to be used with stores
      • getNonBlockingExecutor

        Executor getNonBlockingExecutor()
        Returns an executor for non-blocking tasks. Users must guarantee that the tasks they submit to this executor do not block the thread in which the executor runs. Doing so can cause Infinispan to handle operations more slowly, reducing performance, because threads are limited to the number of cores and are used extensively.
        an executor that can submit non-blocking tasks.
      • getBlockingManager

        org.infinispan.util.concurrent.BlockingManager getBlockingManager()
        Returns a manager that is designed to execute tasks that might block. This manager ensures that only the blocking code is run on a blocking thread and any stage continues on a non-blocking thread.
        a manager that should be used to execute blocking operations.
      • getNonBlockingManager

        org.infinispan.util.concurrent.NonBlockingManager getNonBlockingManager()
        Returns a manager that is designed to help with non blocking operations.
        a manager that can be used to help with offloading non blocking work.
      • getPersistenceMarshaller

        PersistenceMarshaller getPersistenceMarshaller()
        Returns the persistence marshaller which should be used to marshall/unmarshall all stored bytes.
      • getGlobalConfiguration

        GlobalConfiguration getGlobalConfiguration()
        Returns the global configuration