Class FilterResult

  • public final class FilterResult
    extends Object
    When using Ickle based filters with client event listeners you will get the event data (see org.infinispan.client.hotrod.event.ClientCacheEntryCustomEvent.getEventData) wrapped by this FilterResult.
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      • getInstance

        public Object getInstance()
        Returns the matched object. This is non-null unless projections are present.
      • getProjection

        public Object[] getProjection()
        Returns the projection, if a projection was requested or null otherwise.
      • getSortProjection

        public Comparable[] getSortProjection()
        Returns the projection of fields that appear in the 'order by' clause, if any, or null otherwise.

        Please note that no actual sorting is performed! The 'order by' clause is ignored but the fields listed there are still projected and returned so the caller can easily sort the results if needed. Do not use 'order by' with filters if this behaviour does not suit you.

      • toString

        public String toString()