Interface BatchingCache

  • All Known Subinterfaces:
    AdvancedCache<K,​V>, Cache<K,​V>, SecureCache<K,​V>

    public interface BatchingCache
    The BatchingCache is implemented by all caches which support batching
    Tristan Tarrant
    • Method Detail

      • startBatch

        boolean startBatch()
        Starts a batch. All operations on the current client thread are performed as a part of this batch, with locks held for the duration of the batch and any remote calls delayed till the end of the batch.

        true if a batch was successfully started; false if one was available and already running.
      • endBatch

        void endBatch​(boolean successful)
        Completes a batch if one has been started using startBatch(). If no batch has been started, this is a no-op.

        successful - if true, the batch completes, otherwise the batch is aborted and changes are not committed.