Class InfinispanCollections

  • public final class InfinispanCollections
    extends Object
    Static helpers for Infinispan-specific collections
    Manik Surtani
    • Method Detail

      • transformMapValue

        public static <K,​V,​E> Map<K,​V> transformMapValue​(Map<K,​E> input,
                                                                           InfinispanCollections.Function<E,​V> f)
        Given a map of well known key/value types, it makes a shallow copy of it while at the same time transforming it's value type to a desired output type. The transformation of the value type is done using a given a function.
        Type Parameters:
        K - input map's key type
        V - desired output type of the map's value
        E - input map's value type
        input - contains the input key/value pair map
        f - function instance to use to transform the value part of the map
        a shallow copy of the input Map with all its values transformed.
      • transformCollectionToMap

        public static <K,​V,​E> Map<K,​V> transformCollectionToMap​(Collection<? extends E> input,
                                                                                  InfinispanCollections.MapMakerFunction<K,​V,​? super E> f)
        Given a collection, transforms the collection to a map given a InfinispanCollections.MapMakerFunction
        Type Parameters:
        K - output map's key type
        V - output type of the map's value
        E - input collection's entry type
        input - contains a collection of type E
        f - MapMakerFunction instance to use to transform the collection to a key/value pair
        a Map with keys and values generated from the input collection
      • difference

        public static <E> Set<E> difference​(Set<? extends E> s1,
                                            Set<? extends E> s2)
        Returns the elements that are present in s1 but which are not present in s2, without changing the contents of neither s1, nor s2.
        Type Parameters:
        E - type of objects in Set
        s1 - first set
        s2 - second set
        the elements in s1 that are not in s2
      • containsAny

        public static <T> boolean containsAny​(Collection<T> haystack,
                                              Collection<T> needles)
      • forEach

        public static <T> void forEach​(T[] array,
                                       Consumer<T> consumer)
      • assertNotNullEntries

        public static void assertNotNullEntries​(Map<?,​?> map,
                                                String name)
      • assertNotNullEntries

        public static void assertNotNullEntries​(Collection<?> collection,
                                                String name)
      • mergeMaps

        public static <K,​V> Map<K,​V> mergeMaps​(Map<K,​V> one,
                                                           Map<K,​V> second)
      • mergeLists

        public static <T> List<T> mergeLists​(List<T> one,
                                             List<T> second)