Interface ModuleLifecycle

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    public interface ModuleLifecycle
    ModuleLifecycle is an API hook for delegating lifecycle events to Infinispan sub-modules.

    For example the 'query' module needs to register an interceptor with the Cache if the Cache has querying enabled etc.

    To use this hook, you would need to implement this interface and annotate it with InfinispanModule.

    Modules who also have their own configuration (see {@see org.infinispan.configuration}), can access their configuration beans via Configuration.module(Class)

    Manik Surtani
    • Method Detail

      • cacheManagerStarting

        default void cacheManagerStarting​(org.infinispan.factories.GlobalComponentRegistry gcr,
                                          GlobalConfiguration globalConfiguration)
      • cacheManagerStarted

        default void cacheManagerStarted​(org.infinispan.factories.GlobalComponentRegistry gcr)
      • cacheManagerStopping

        default void cacheManagerStopping​(org.infinispan.factories.GlobalComponentRegistry gcr)
      • cacheManagerStopped

        default void cacheManagerStopped​(org.infinispan.factories.GlobalComponentRegistry gcr)
      • cacheStarting

        default void cacheStarting​(org.infinispan.factories.ComponentRegistry cr,
                                   Configuration configuration,
                                   String cacheName)
      • cacheStarted

        default void cacheStarted​(org.infinispan.factories.ComponentRegistry cr,
                                  String cacheName)
      • cacheStopping

        default void cacheStopping​(org.infinispan.factories.ComponentRegistry cr,
                                   String cacheName)
      • cacheStopped

        default void cacheStopped​(org.infinispan.factories.ComponentRegistry cr,
                                  String cacheName)