Class Search

  • public final class Search
    extends Object
    Entry point for performing Infinispan queries. Provides the QueryFactory that you use to build Ickle queries, continuous queries, and event filters for indexed and non-indexed caches.
    Sanne Grinovero <> (C) 2011 Red Hat Inc.,
    • Method Detail

      • getQueryFactory

        public static QueryFactory getQueryFactory​(Cache<?,​?> cache)
        Obtains a query factory to build DSL-based Ickle queries.
      • getIndexer

        public static <K,​V> Indexer getIndexer​(Cache<K,​V> cache)
        Obtains the Indexer instance for the cache.
      • getSearchStatistics

        public static <K,​V> org.infinispan.query.core.stats.SearchStatistics getSearchStatistics​(Cache<K,​V> cache)
        Returns search statistics for the local node.
      • getClusteredSearchStatistics

        public static CompletionStage<org.infinispan.query.core.stats.SearchStatisticsSnapshot> getClusteredSearchStatistics​(Cache<?,​?> cache)
        Returns aggregated search statistics for all nodes in the cluster.