Class MurmurHash3BloomFilter


public class MurmurHash3BloomFilter extends BloomFilter<byte[]>
BloomFilter implementation that allows for up to 10 hash functions all using MurmurHash3 with different seeds. The same seed(s) is used for the given number of hash functions. That is if you create this filter in one JVM with 3 functions it will be the same bloom filter as another JVM with 3 functions in another.

The default number of hash functions is 3.

  • Method Details

    • createFilter

      public static BloomFilter<byte[]> createFilter(int bitsToUse)
    • createFilter

      public static BloomFilter<byte[]> createFilter(int bitsToUse, int hashFunctions)
    • createConcurrentFilter

      public static BloomFilter<byte[]> createConcurrentFilter(int bitsToUse)
    • createConcurrentFilter

      public static BloomFilter<byte[]> createConcurrentFilter(int bitsToUse, int hashFunctions)