Interface GroupManager

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    public interface GroupManager
    Control's key grouping.
    Pete Muir
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      • getGroup

        Object getGroup​(Object key)
        Get the group for a given key
        key - the key for which to get the group
        the group, or null if no group is defined for the key
      • collect

        <K,​V> Map<K,​V> collect​(CacheStream<? extends CacheEntry<K,​V>> stream,
                                           InvocationContext ctx,
                                           String groupName)
        Collects all entries belonging to a single group.

        This method receives a CacheStream and it must filter the CacheEntry that belongs to the group.

        If the cache is transactional, the entries must be stored in the InvocationContext (with proper read version if applicable).

        Type Parameters:
        K - The key type.
        V - The value type.
        stream - The CacheStream of CacheEntry to filter.
        ctx - The InvocationContext to use during its invocation.
        groupName - The group name to collect.
        A Map with keys and value.