Annotation Type PartitionStatusChanged

@Retention(RUNTIME) @Target(METHOD) public @interface PartitionStatusChanged
This annotation should be used on methods that need to be notified when the AvailabilityMode in use by the PartitionHandlingManager changes due to a change in cluster topology. This is only fired in a CacheMode.DIST_SYNC, CacheMode.DIST_ASYNC, CacheMode.REPL_SYNC or CacheMode.REPL_ASYNC configured cache.

Methods annotated with this annotation should accept a single parameter, a PartitionStatusChangedEvent otherwise a IncorrectListenerException will be thrown when registering your listener.

Note that methods marked with this annotation will be fired before and after the updated AvailabilityMode is updated, i.e., your method will be called twice, with Event.isPre() being set to true as well as false.

William Burns
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