Interface FilterIndexingServiceProvider

public interface FilterIndexingServiceProvider
A service provider for filter indexing services. This is supposed to perform the filtering operation in a more efficient way than directly executing the filter by calling the CacheEventFilterConverter.filterAndConvert(Object, Object, Metadata, Object, Metadata, EventType) method. Implementations are discovered via the ServiceLoader or ServiceFinder mechanism. Implementations may have their dependencies injected using the Inject annotation.
  • Method Details

    • start

      void start()
      Start the provider. This is called after the dependencies are injected.
    • supportsFilter

      boolean supportsFilter(IndexedFilter<?,?,?> indexedFilter)
      Reports whether this provider supports the given filter type.
      indexedFilter - an indexable filter
      true if the filter is supported, false otherwise
    • interceptListenerInvocation

      <K, V> DelegatingCacheEntryListenerInvocation<K,V> interceptListenerInvocation(CacheEntryListenerInvocation<K,V> invocation)
      Starts handling an invocation that uses an IndexedFilter.
      Type Parameters:
      K - cache key type
      V - cache value type
      invocation - the invocation to handle
      the wrapped invocation
    • registerListenerInvocations

      <K, V> void registerListenerInvocations(boolean isClustered, boolean isPrimaryOnly, boolean filterAndConvert, IndexedFilter<?,?,?> indexedFilter, Map<Class<? extends Annotation>,List<DelegatingCacheEntryListenerInvocation<K,V>>> listeners, DataConversion keyDataConversion, DataConversion valueDataConversion)
    • stop

      void stop()
      Stop the provider.