Interface CacheManagerNotifier

    • Method Detail

      • notifyViewChange

        CompletionStage<Void> notifyViewChange​(List<Address> members,
                                               List<Address> oldMembers,
                                               Address myAddress,
                                               int viewId)
        Notifies all registered listeners of a viewChange event. Note that viewChange notifications are ALWAYS sent immediately.
      • notifyConfigurationChanged

        CompletionStage<Void> notifyConfigurationChanged​(ConfigurationChangedEvent.EventType eventType,
                                                         String entityType,
                                                         String entityName)
        Notifies all registered listeners of a configurationChange event.
        eventType - the type of event (CREATE or REMOVE)
        entityType - the type of configuration that has changed (e.g. cache, counter, ...)
        entityName - the name of the configuration item that has been changed
        a CompletionStage which completes when the notification has been sent.
      • hasListener

        boolean hasListener​(Class<? extends Annotation> annotationClass)
        Returns whether there is at least one listener registered for the given annotation
        annotationClass - annotation to test for
        true if there is a listener mapped to the annotation, otherwise false