Interface FilterSubscription

public interface FilterSubscription
A subscription for match notifications.
  • Method Details

    • getEntityTypeName

      String getEntityTypeName()
      The fully qualified entity type name accepted by this filter.
    • getCallback

      FilterCallback getCallback()
      The associated callback that is being notified of successful matches.
    • isDeltaFilter

      boolean isDeltaFilter()
    • getProjection

      String[] getProjection()
      The array of '.' separated path names of the projected fields if any, or null otherwise.
    • getSortFields

      SortField[] getSortFields()
      The array of sort specifications if defined, or null otherwise.
    • getComparator

      Comparator<Comparable<?>[]> getComparator()
      The comparator corresponding to the 'order by' clause, if any.
      the Comparator or null if no 'order by' was specified
    • getEventTypes

      Object[] getEventTypes()
      The event types.
      the array of event types or null