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@MessageLogger(projectCode="ISPN") public interface Log extends org.jboss.logging.BasicLogger
This module reserves range 29001 - 29500
  • Method Details

    • maxNodeSizeLimitedToShort

      @Message(value="Max size of index node (%d) is limited to 32767 bytes.", id=29001) CacheConfigurationException maxNodeSizeLimitedToShort(int maxNodeSize)
    • minNodeSizeMustBeLessOrEqualToMax

      @Message(value="Min size of index node (%d) must be less or equal to max size (%d).", id=29002) CacheConfigurationException minNodeSizeMustBeLessOrEqualToMax(int minNodeSize, int maxNodeSize)
    • sizeCalculationInterrupted

      @Message(value="Calculation of size has been interrupted.", id=29003) PersistenceException sizeCalculationInterrupted(@Cause InterruptedException e)
    • cannotTruncateIndex

      @LogMessage(level=WARN) @Message(value="Cannot truncate index", id=29006) void cannotTruncateIndex(@Cause IOException e)
    • errorInIndexUpdater

      @LogMessage(level=ERROR) @Message(value="Unexpected error in index updater thread.", id=29007) void errorInIndexUpdater(@Cause Throwable e)
    • failedToCloseIndex

      @LogMessage(level=ERROR) @Message(value="Failed to close the index file.", id=29008) void failedToCloseIndex(@Cause IOException e)
    • compactorFailed

      @LogMessage(level=ERROR) @Message(value="Unexpected error in data compactor.", id=29009) void compactorFailed(@Cause Throwable e)
    • cannotCloseDeleteFile

      @LogMessage(level=ERROR) @Message(value="Cannot close/delete data file %d.", id=290010) void cannotCloseDeleteFile(int fileId, @Cause IOException e)
    • cannotCloseFile

      @LogMessage(level=ERROR) @Message(value="Cannot close data file.", id=29011) void cannotCloseFile(@Cause IOException e)
    • invalidCompactionThreshold

      @Message(value="Compaction threshold (%f) should be between 0 (exclusively) and 1 (inclusively).", id=29012) CacheConfigurationException invalidCompactionThreshold(double value)
    • cannotOpenIndex

      @Message(value="Cannot open index on %s", id=29013) PersistenceException cannotOpenIndex(String location, @Cause IOException e)
    • interruptedWhileStopping

      @Message(value="Interrupted while stopping the store", id=29014) PersistenceException interruptedWhileStopping(@Cause InterruptedException e)
    • interruptedWhileClearing

      @Message(value="Interrupted while pausing the index for clear.", id=29015) PersistenceException interruptedWhileClearing(@Cause InterruptedException e)
    • cannotClearIndex

      @Message(value="Cannot clear/reopen index.", id=29016) PersistenceException cannotClearIndex(@Cause IOException e)
    • cannotClearData

      @Message(value="Cannot clear data directory.", id=29017) PersistenceException cannotClearData(@Cause IOException e)
    • keyIsTooLong

      @Message(value="The serialized form of key %s is too long (%d); with maxNodeSize=%d bytes you can use only keys serialized to at most %d bytes.", id=29018) PersistenceException keyIsTooLong(Object key, int keyLength, int maxNodeSize, int maxKeyLength)
    • cannotLoadKeyFromIndex

      @Message(value="Cannot load key %s from index.", id=29019) PersistenceException cannotLoadKeyFromIndex(Object key, @Cause Exception e)
    • indexLooksCorrupt

      @Message(value="Index looks corrupt.", id=29020) PersistenceException indexLooksCorrupt(@Cause Exception e)
    • compactorEncounteredException

      @LogMessage(level=ERROR) @Message(value="File id %s encountered an exception while compacting, file may be orphaned", id=29021) void compactorEncounteredException(@Cause Throwable t, int fileId)
    • compactedFileNotLongEnough

      @LogMessage(level=WARN) @Message(value="Compaction skipping a corrupted entry for key %s, at %s:%s|%s that doesn\'t have enough bytes for header %s", id=29022) void compactedFileNotLongEnough(byte[] key, int file, long offset, long fileSize, EntryHeader record)