Class TemporaryTable


public class TemporaryTable extends Object
Table holding the entry positions in log before these are persisted to the index.
Radim Vansa <>
  • Constructor Details

    • TemporaryTable

      public TemporaryTable(int numSegments)
  • Method Details

    • getSegmentMax

      public int getSegmentMax()
    • addSegments

      public void addSegments(IntSet segments)
    • removeSegments

      public void removeSegments(IntSet segments)
    • set

      public boolean set(int segment, Object key, int file, int offset)
    • replaceOrLock

      public TemporaryTable.LockedEntry replaceOrLock(int segment, Object key, int file, int offset, int prevFile, int prevOffset)
    • updateAndUnlock

      public void updateAndUnlock(TemporaryTable.LockedEntry lockedEntry, int file, int offset)
    • removeAndUnlock

      public void removeAndUnlock(TemporaryTable.LockedEntry lockedEntry, int segment, Object key)
    • get

      public org.infinispan.persistence.sifs.EntryPosition get(int segment, Object key)
    • clear

      public void clear()
    • removeConditionally

      public void removeConditionally(int segment, Object key, int file, int offset)