Class RxJavaInterop

public class RxJavaInterop extends RxJavaInterop
Static factory class that provides methods to obtain commonly used instances for interoperation between RxJava and standard JRE.
  • Field Details

    • log

      protected static final org.infinispan.util.logging.Log log
  • Method Details

    • voidCompletionStageToFlowable

      public static <R> io.reactivex.rxjava3.core.Flowable<R> voidCompletionStageToFlowable(CompletionStage<Void> stage)
    • voidCompletionStageToFlowable

      public static <R> io.reactivex.rxjava3.core.Flowable<R> voidCompletionStageToFlowable(CompletionStage<Void> stage, boolean ignoreErrorIfCancelled)
      Same as voidCompletionStageToFlowable(CompletionStage) except that you can optionally have it so that if a throwable occurs in the stage that it isn't propagated if the returned Flowable's subscription was cancelled.

      This method also only allows for a single subscriber to the Flowable, any additional subscribers will receive an exception when subscribing to the returned Flowable. voidCompletionStageToFlowable(CompletionStage) can support any number of subscribers.

      Type Parameters:
      R - stage type
      stage - stage to complete
      ignoreErrorIfCancelled - whether to ignore an error if cancelled
      a Flowable that is completed when the stage is
    • combinedBiFunction

      public static <I> BiFunction<I,I,io.reactivex.rxjava3.core.Flowable<I>> combinedBiFunction()
      Provides a BiFunction to be used with methods like CompletionStage.thenCombine(CompletionStage, java.util.function.BiFunction) to convert the values to a Flowable. Note this is useful as Flowable does not allow null values and this function will handle this properly by not publishing a value if it is null. So it is possible to have an empty Flowable returned.
      Type Parameters:
      I - user value type
      a function to be used to combine the possible values as a returned Flowable