Class IgnoreExtraResponsesValidityFilter

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public final class IgnoreExtraResponsesValidityFilter extends Object implements ResponseFilter
A filter that only expects responses from an initial set of targets. Useful when sending a command to null to ensure we don't wait for responses from cluster members that weren't properly started when the command was sent. JGroups calls our handler while holding a lock, so we don't need any synchronization.
Dan Berindei <>
  • Constructor Details

    • IgnoreExtraResponsesValidityFilter

      public IgnoreExtraResponsesValidityFilter(Collection<Address> targets, Address self, boolean removeSelf)
  • Method Details

    • isAcceptable

      public boolean isAcceptable(Response response, Address address)
      Description copied from interface: ResponseFilter
      Determines whether a response from a given sender should be added to the response list of the request
      Specified by:
      isAcceptable in interface ResponseFilter
      response - The response (usually a serializable value)
      address - The sender of response
      True if we should add the response to the response list of a request, otherwise false. In the latter case, we don't add the response to the response list.
    • needMoreResponses

      public boolean needMoreResponses()
      Description copied from interface: ResponseFilter
      Right after calling ResponseFilter.isAcceptable(Response, Address), this method is called to see whether we are done with the request and can unblock the caller
      Specified by:
      needMoreResponses in interface ResponseFilter
      False if the request is done, otherwise true