Interface BiasManager

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public interface BiasManager
This component tracks if this node can read the data stored locally despite not being an owner and which nodes will read the local data that is primary-owned by this node. Since tracking these remote nodes has a memory overhead this component can deliberately revoke the bias sending the RevokeBiasCommand.
  • Method Details

    • addLocalBias

      void addLocalBias(Object key, int topologyId)
      Allow reading local data if the topology is still actual.
      key -
      topologyId -
    • revokeLocalBias

      void revokeLocalBias(Object key)
      Stop reading local data.
      key -
    • revokeLocalBiasForSegments

      void revokeLocalBiasForSegments(IntSet segments)
      Stop reading local data from this segment.
      segments -
    • hasLocalBias

      boolean hasLocalBias(Object key)
      Check if we can read local data and update last-read timestamp for this key.
      key -
    • getRemoteBias

      List<Address> getRemoteBias(Object key)
    • startRevokingRemoteBias

      BiasManager.Revocation startRevokingRemoteBias(Object key, Address newBiased)
      Check if there are any nodes that have local bias, and starting replacing them with the provided address. The caller can find out the currently biased nodes from BiasManager.Revocation.biased() and is expected to send RevokeBiasCommand to the holders and when this completes call BiasManager.Revocation.complete() or This method returns null when there is no need to revoke any bias on remote nodes. When BiasManager.Revocation.shouldRevoke() returns false, the caller should set up a handler through BiasManager.Revocation.handleCompose(Supplier) and retry calling this method in the handler.
      key -
      newBiased -
    • renewRemoteBias

      void renewRemoteBias(Object key, Address origin)
      Notify the component that the node is reading the biased entry and the bias should not be revoked unless necessary.
      key -
      origin -
    • clear

      void clear()
      The cache has been cleared and therefore all biases are forgotten.