Class InfinispanMapping

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    AutoCloseable,<EntityReference>,,<SearchMapping>,,,,,, SearchMapping, InfinispanSearchSessionMappingContext

    public class InfinispanMapping
    implements SearchMapping, InfinispanSearchSessionMappingContext,<EntityReference>
    • Method Detail

      • scope

        public <E> SearchScope<E> scope​(Collection<? extends Class<? extends E>> targetedTypes)
        Description copied from interface: SearchMapping
        Create a SearchScope limited to the given types.
        Specified by:
        scope in interface SearchMapping
        Type Parameters:
        E - An entity to include in the scope.
        targetedTypes - A collection of types to include in the scope.
        The created scope.
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      • toConvertedEntityJavaClass

        public Class<?> toConvertedEntityJavaClass​(Object value)
        Specified by:
        toConvertedEntityJavaClass in interface SearchMapping
        value - An entity.
        The internal Java class for this entity after conversion, i.e. the Java class that will be returned by SearchMapping.allIndexedEntityJavaClasses() if this entity is potentially indexed. In practice, this is only useful to handle protobuf type: if an instance of ProtobufValueWrapper is passed, this will return byte[] because that's the type we use for protobuf values internally. For all other types, this just returns value.getClass().
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      • getFailureHandler

        public getFailureHandler()
        Specified by:
        getFailureHandler in interface SearchMapping
      • toConcreteType

        public SearchMapping toConcreteType()
        Specified by:
        toConcreteType in interface<SearchMapping>
      • entityReferenceFactory

        public<EntityReference> entityReferenceFactory()
        Specified by:
        entityReferenceFactory in interface
        Specified by:
        entityReferenceFactory in interface
      • threadPoolProvider

        public threadPoolProvider()
        Specified by:
        threadPoolProvider in interface
      • failureHandler

        public failureHandler()
        Specified by:
        failureHandler in interface
      • createMassIndexerAgent

        public createMassIndexerAgent​( context)
        Specified by:
        createMassIndexerAgent in interface
      • createEntityReference

        public EntityReference createEntityReference​(String typeName,
                                                     Object identifier)
        Specified by:
        createEntityReference in interface<EntityReference>
      • getIntegration

        public getIntegration()
      • setIntegration

        public void setIntegration​( integration)