Interface ClusterTopologyManager

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    public interface ClusterTopologyManager
    Maintains the topology for all the caches in the cluster.
    Dan Berindei
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      • handleJoin

        CompletionStage<CacheStatusResponse> handleJoin​(String cacheName,
                                                        Address joiner,
                                                        CacheJoinInfo joinInfo,
                                                        int viewId)
                                                 throws Exception
        Signals that a new member is joining the cache. The returned CacheStatusResponse.cacheTopology is the current cache topology before the node joined. If the node is the first to join the cache, the returned topology does include the joiner, and it is never null.
      • isRebalancingEnabled

        boolean isRebalancingEnabled()
      • isRebalancingEnabled

        boolean isRebalancingEnabled​(String cacheName)
        Returns whether rebalancing is enabled or disabled for this container.
      • setRebalancingEnabled

        CompletionStage<Void> setRebalancingEnabled​(boolean enabled)
        Globally enables or disables whether automatic rebalancing should occur.
      • setRebalancingEnabled

        CompletionStage<Void> setRebalancingEnabled​(String cacheName,
                                                    boolean enabled)
        Enables or disables rebalancing for the specified cache
      • getRebalancingStatus

        RebalancingStatus getRebalancingStatus​(String cacheName)
        Retrieves the rebalancing status of a cache
      • setInitialCacheTopologyId

        void setInitialCacheTopologyId​(String cacheName,
                                       int topologyId)
        Sets the id of the initial topology in given cache. This is necessary when using entry versions that contain topology id; had we started with topology id 1, newer versions would not be recognized properly.