Class RecoveryAwareLocalTransaction

All Implemented Interfaces:
CacheTransaction, RecoveryAwareTransaction

public class RecoveryAwareLocalTransaction extends LocalXaTransaction implements RecoveryAwareTransaction
Extends LocalXaTransaction and adds recovery related information.
  • Constructor Details

    • RecoveryAwareLocalTransaction

      public RecoveryAwareLocalTransaction(javax.transaction.Transaction transaction, GlobalTransaction tx, boolean implicitTransaction, int topologyId, long txCreationTime)
  • Method Details

    • isPrepared

      public boolean isPrepared()
      Specified by:
      isPrepared in interface RecoveryAwareTransaction
    • setPrepared

      public void setPrepared(boolean prepared)
      Specified by:
      setPrepared in interface RecoveryAwareTransaction
    • isCompletionFailed

      public boolean isCompletionFailed()
      Returns true if this transaction failed during 2nd phase of 2PC(prepare or commit). E.g. when the transaction successfully prepared but the commit failed due to a network issue.
    • setCompletionFailed

      public void setCompletionFailed(boolean completionFailed)
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