Interface XSiteStateProvider

All Known Implementing Classes:
NoOpXSiteStateProvider, XSiteStateProviderImpl

public interface XSiteStateProvider
It contains the logic to send state to another site.
Pedro Ruivo
  • Method Details

    • startStateTransfer

      void startStateTransfer(String siteName, Address requestor, int minTopologyId)
      It notifies this node to start sending state to the remote site. Also, it should keep information about which node requested the state transfer in order to send back the notification when finishes.
      siteName - the remote site name.
      requestor - the requestor.
      minTopologyId - the topology id to wait before start sending the state.
    • cancelStateTransfer

      void cancelStateTransfer(String siteName)
      It cancels the state transfer for the remote site. If no state transfer is available, it should do nothing.
      siteName - the remote site name.
    • getCurrentStateSending

      Collection<String> getCurrentStateSending()
      a site name collection with the sites in which this cache is sending state.
    • getSitesMissingCoordinator

      Collection<String> getSitesMissingCoordinator(Collection<Address> currentMembers)
      a site name collection with sites in which the coordinator is not in the currentMembers.
    • notifyStateTransferEnd

      void notifyStateTransferEnd(String siteName, Address origin, boolean statusOk)
      Notifies XSiteStatePushTask has completed the send.
      siteName - The remote site name.
      origin - The originator Address.
      statusOk - true if completed successfully, false if it failed.
    • getCommandsFactory

      CommandsFactory getCommandsFactory()
    • getRpcManager

      RpcManager getRpcManager()
    • getIracManager

      IracManager getIracManager()
    • getScheduledExecutorService

      ScheduledExecutorService getScheduledExecutorService()
    • getExecutor

      Executor getExecutor()
      Exposes non-blocking Executor to XSiteStatePushTask.