Interface ScopedPersistentState

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public interface ScopedPersistentState
ScopedPersistentState represents state which needs to be persisted, scoped by name (e.g. the cache name). The default implementation of persistent state uses the standard Properties format with the additional rule that order is preserved. In order to verify state consistency (e.g. across a cluster) a checksum of the state's data can be computed. State properties prefixed with the '@' character will not be included as part of the checksum computation (e.g. @timestamp)
Tristan Tarrant
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    • getScope

      String getScope()
      Returns the name of this persistent state's scope
    • setProperty

      void setProperty(String key, String value)
      Sets a state property. Values will be unicode-escaped when written
    • getProperty

      String getProperty(String key)
      Retrieves a state property
    • setProperty

      void setProperty(String key, int value)
      Sets an integer state property.
    • setProperty

      void setProperty(String format, float f)
      Sets a float state property.
    • getIntProperty

      int getIntProperty(String key)
      Retrieves an integer state property
    • getFloatProperty

      float getFloatProperty(String key)
      Retrieves a float state property
    • forEach

      void forEach(BiConsumer<String,String> action)
      Performs the specified action on every entry of the state
    • getChecksum

      int getChecksum()
      Returns the checksum of the properties excluding those prefixed with @
    • containsProperty

      boolean containsProperty(String key)
      Returns whether the state contains a property