Class GenericJBossMarshaller

All Implemented Interfaces:
Marshaller, StreamingMarshaller

public final class GenericJBossMarshaller extends AbstractJBossMarshaller
A marshaller that makes use of JBoss Marshalling to serialize and deserialize objects. This marshaller is oriented at external, non-core Infinispan use, such as the Java Hot Rod client.
Manik Surtani
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  • Constructor Details

    • GenericJBossMarshaller

      public GenericJBossMarshaller()
    • GenericJBossMarshaller

      public GenericJBossMarshaller(ClassLoader classLoader)
    • GenericJBossMarshaller

      public GenericJBossMarshaller(ClassAllowList classAllowList)
    • GenericJBossMarshaller

      public GenericJBossMarshaller(ClassLoader classLoader, ClassAllowList classAllowList)
  • Method Details

    • initialize

      public void initialize(ClassAllowList classAllowList)
      Description copied from interface: Marshaller
      An optional method which allows an implementation to respect the ClassAllowList associated with the context, for example the EmbeddedCacheManager or RemoteCacheManager.