Uses of Package

Packages that use org.infinispan
This is the core of Infinispan, a distributed, transactional, highly scalable data grid platform.
This package contains the KeyAffinityService interfaces which allow user code to determine mapping of keys onto nodes
Cache configuration
This package contains the APIs that enable users to search for, and amend, data inconsistencies within their cache.
Factories are internal components used to create other components based on a cache's configuration.
Provides capabilities around filtering and converting entries that are found in the cache or cache store/loader.
Functional API package
Global configuration state.
Infinispan is designed around a set of interceptors around a data container.
Cache manager API.
invalid reference
-specific listener events
Persistence API.
The Persistence SPI.
Query API that lets you perform Ickle queries and look up values in caches.
Query module internals.
Remote communication between cache instances.
Security API.
Cache stream processing.
Server tasks API.
General utilities that are not specific to Infinispan, including string parsing helpers, reflection tools and collections and containers designed to supplement the JDK-provided containers.