Interface BlockingTaskAwareExecutorService

All Superinterfaces:
Executor, ExecutorService
All Known Implementing Classes:
BlockingTaskAwareExecutorServiceImpl, LazyInitializingBlockingTaskAwareExecutorService

public interface BlockingTaskAwareExecutorService extends ExecutorService
Executor service that is aware of BlockingRunnable and only dispatch the runnable to a thread when it has low (or no) probability of blocking the thread.

However, it is not aware of the changes in the state so you must invoke checkForReadyTasks() to notify this that some runnable may be ready to be processed.

Pedro Ruivo
  • Method Details

    • execute

      void execute(BlockingRunnable runnable)
      Executes the given command at some time in the future when the command is less probably to block a thread.
      runnable - the command to execute
    • checkForReadyTasks

      void checkForReadyTasks()
      It checks for tasks ready to be processed in this ExecutorService. The invocation is done asynchronously, so the invoker is never blocked.