Interface XMLExtendedStreamReader

    • Method Detail

      • handleAny

        void handleAny​(ConfigurationBuilderHolder holder)
                throws XMLStreamException
        Handle an <xs:any>-type nested element, passing in the given value, returning after the end of the element. Must be positioned on a START_ELEMENT or an exception will occur. On return the cursor will be positioned on the corresponding END_ELEMENT.
        value - the value to pass in
        XMLStreamException - if an error occurs (e.g. the given value does not match the type of the handler for the element, or the element is unknown)
      • getListAttributeValue

        String[] getListAttributeValue​(int i)
        Get the value of an attribute as a space-delimited string list.
        i - the index of the attribute
      • getSchema

        Schema getSchema()
        Returns the schema of currently being processed
        schema the current schema
      • setSchema

        void setSchema​(Schema schema)
        Sets the current schema
        schema -