Class BaseCustomInterceptor

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    org.infinispan.commands.Visitor, AsyncInterceptor

    public class BaseCustomInterceptor
    extends CommandInterceptor
    Since 9.0, use BaseCustomAsyncInterceptor instead.
    Anyone using the AdvancedCache.addInterceptor(CommandInterceptor, int) method (or any of its overloaded forms) or registering custom interceptors via XML should extend this base class when creating their own custom interceptors.

    As of Infinispan 5.1, annotations on custom interceptors, including Inject, Start and Stop will not be respected and callbacks will not be made.

    Instead, custom interceptor authors should extend this base class to gain access to Cache and EmbeddedCacheManager, from which other components may be accessed. Further, lifecycle should be implemented by overriding start() and stop() as defined in this class.

    Manik Surtani
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      protected void start()
      protected void stop()
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      • cache

        protected Cache<?,​?> cache
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      • BaseCustomInterceptor

        public BaseCustomInterceptor()
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      • start

        protected void start()
      • stop

        protected void stop()