Class AdvancedSingletonCacheWriter

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    org.infinispan.commons.api.Lifecycle, AdvancedCacheWriter, CacheWriter

    public class AdvancedSingletonCacheWriter
    extends SingletonCacheWriter
    implements AdvancedCacheWriter
    this writer will be removed in 10.0. If it is desirable that all nodes don't write to the underlying store then a shared store should be used instead, as this only performs store writes at a key's primary owner.
    Mircea Markus
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      • purge

        public void purge​(Executor threadPool,
                          AdvancedCacheWriter.PurgeListener task)
        Description copied from interface: AdvancedCacheWriter
        Using the thread in the pool, removed all the expired data from the persistence storage. For each removed entry, the supplied listener is invoked.

        When this method returns all entries will be purged and no tasks will be running due to this loader in the provided executor. If however an exception is thrown there could be tasks still pending or running in the executor.

        Specified by:
        purge in interface AdvancedCacheWriter