Class QueryDefinition

  • public final class QueryDefinition
    extends Object
    Wraps the query to be executed in a cache represented either as a String or as a HSQuery form together with pagination and sort information.
    • Constructor Detail

      • QueryDefinition

        public QueryDefinition​( hsQuery)
    • Method Detail

      • getQueryString

        public String getQueryString()
      • initialize

        public void initialize​(AdvancedCache<?,​?> cache)
      • getHsQuery

        public getHsQuery()
      • getMaxResults

        public int getMaxResults()
      • setMaxResults

        public void setMaxResults​(int maxResults)
      • setNamedParameters

        public void setNamedParameters​(Map<String,​Object> params)
      • getFirstResult

        public int getFirstResult()
      • setFirstResult

        public void setFirstResult​(int firstResult)
      • getSort

        public getSort()
      • setSort

        public void setSort​( sort)
      • filter

        public void filter​( filter)
      • enableFullTextFilter

        public enableFullTextFilter​(String name)
      • disableFullTextFilter

        public void disableFullTextFilter​(String name)
      • getSortableFields

        public Set<String> getSortableFields()
      • setSortableField

        public void setSortableField​(Set<String> sortableField)
      • getIndexedType

        public Class<?> getIndexedType()
      • setIndexedType

        public void setIndexedType​(Class<?> indexedType)