Class ForwardRollbackCommand

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    org.infinispan.commands.remote.CacheRpcCommand, ReplicableCommand

    public class ForwardRollbackCommand
    extends org.infinispan.commands.remote.BaseRpcCommand
    A CacheRpcCommand implementation to forward the rollback request from a client to the member that run the transaction.
    Pedro Ruivo
    • Constructor Detail

      • ForwardRollbackCommand

        public ForwardRollbackCommand​(ByteString cacheName)
      • ForwardRollbackCommand

        public ForwardRollbackCommand​(ByteString cacheName,
                                      org.infinispan.commons.tx.XidImpl xid,
                                      long timeout)
    • Method Detail

      • getCommandId

        public byte getCommandId()
        Description copied from interface: ReplicableCommand
        Used by marshallers to convert this command into an id for streaming.
        the method id of this command. This is compatible with pre-2.2.0 MethodCall ids.
      • isReturnValueExpected

        public boolean isReturnValueExpected()
        Description copied from interface: ReplicableCommand
        If true, a return value will be provided when performed remotely. Otherwise, a remote ResponseGenerator may choose to simply return null to save on marshalling costs.
        true or false
      • canBlock

        public boolean canBlock()
        Description copied from interface: ReplicableCommand
        If true, the command is processed asynchronously in a thread provided by an Infinispan thread pool. Otherwise, the command is processed directly in the JGroups thread.

        This feature allows to avoid keep a JGroups thread busy that can originate discard of messages and retransmissions. So, the commands that can block (waiting for some state, acquiring locks, etc.) should return true.

        Specified by:
        canBlock in interface ReplicableCommand
        canBlock in class org.infinispan.commands.remote.BaseRpcCommand
        true if the command can block/wait, false otherwise
      • toString

        public String toString()
        toString in class org.infinispan.commands.remote.BaseRpcCommand