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About JBoss

JBoss, a division of Red Hat, is the global leader in open source middleware software, combining enterprise-class JEMS open source software with the industry’s leading services and tools to provide simply a better way to transform your business to Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).

JBoss, pioneered the disruptive Professional Open Source model, which combines the best of the open source and proprietary software worlds to make open source a safe choice for the enterprise and give CIOs peace of mind. This includes the royalty-free software, transparent development and active community inherent in open source and the accountability and professional support services expected of a traditional software vendor. The company finds innovative open source projects and professionalizes the project from a hobby into a livelihood by hiring the lead developer(s), often the founders themselves. JBoss provides the resources, core development and support services to enable popular open source projects to scale into enterprise-class software.

Coverage: North America and Europe on a direct basis. JBoss provides coverage worldwide via our extensive authorized partner network.

Mission Statement: JBoss' mission is to revolutionize the way enterprise middleware software is built, distributed, and supported through the Professional Open Source model. We are committed to delivering innovative and high quality technology and services that make JBoss the safe choice for enterprises and software providers.

Customers: Enterprise customers deploying JBoss technologies in mission-critical applications with professional services support from JBoss include Aviva Canada, Continental Airlines, La Quinta, NLG, MCI, Nielsen Media Research and Travelocity. For a current list of customer success stories, please visit the Customers section of our website.

Partners: JBoss works with software and hardware vendors, systems integrators and OEMs to deliver implementation services, frontline support, and certification for products embedded with JBoss technologies. For more information on the JBoss Certified Partner Program, please visit the Partners section of our website.

Professional Open Source(tm) from JBoss Inc. offers you:

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